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Start Location
Pace anticipated (see below)- hills involved?
Destination (if any)
Brief description of the ride 
Visit the  Ride Calendar for a list of regular club rides.

   Ride Codes: Pace 1-Easy (10-)   2-Moderate (11-14)   3-Steady (15-18)  4-Fast  (19+)

                             Terrain    A-Mostly Flat   B-Short Hills   C-Hilly   D-Very Hilly  

Definitions: Cruise-Everyday ride   Workout-Expect to sweat   Training-Preparing for an event

Donations go to better the cycling community

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NEWS March:

Tim O' Donnell

Nancy Abraham

Trudy Russell

Kevin Glakin- Coley

Julie Perigard

Kurt Kenoyer

March Hare


Mike Hersey

Martin Babare

Robert Vawter

Drew Kerlee

Terry Reid

Michael Springer 

Bunni Easter  

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